Compile php5 with ioncube

Someone could help to install ioncube with a compiled php5 ? I never compoile php so i haven’t idea about this operation…i think i should add some lines to the install files

i read this

is different from your link ?


dreamhost support can’t help me :frowning:

It looks like you haven’t READ the wiki pages yet if you’re still here asking if two pages are different.

Please read them and see if that helps you before asking for more help.

Or you could just post your username and password here and maybe the website fairies will show up and fix it and turn your domain into a giant spamlink site. (Don’t. Please don’t.)

Sorry if this is a little cold but until you try, we can’t help.

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but if i compile PHp5 how can enable ioncube ??? Sorry but i’m not a professionist…i read it but i don’t speak a perfect english so i couldn’t understand it perfectly