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I want to run file-sharing website ( )
but upload via “url method” do not work in Dream Host .
i have a same website in dedicated server ( )
i know this script work with php4 ,
but i can’t fix the problem ,
the supporter replied that i should compile php in host ,
i read tutorial but still don’t know how to compile .
how can help me for php compile ? ( work fine ) ( problem in DreamHost )

Thank you


allow_url_fopen is OFF

The script you’re using has several unpatched exploits and I’d seriously recommend you either update it to at least v1.3 - or choose a different script - before letting it loose on your account here, especially if you’re going to do something like set allow_url_fopen as true (which in itself is not advisable).


First thank you for reply ,
It is V 1.3 ,
how to set allow_url_fopen ON ?


Please don’t do that on a shared server:



the script is coded by author and i can’t change the code .

now please help me to compile php .

i download php-4.4.8.tar from .
now what should i do ?

may i just upload php.ini file ?


Is it encrypted or are you prevented from modifying it by it’s license?

[quote]now please help me to compile php .

i download php-4.4.8.tar from .
now what should i do ?[/quote]
The instructions for how to do that are on the wiki. Use the search feature there, or carefully re-read the link I already gave you (hint: There are more links in that article)

Yes, but that will not help you resolve this issue even if you edit that file. Read the wiki.



With respect, if you don’t know how to install your own custom version of PHP you should not be trying to do so in order to create a security risk like allowing URL file access.

Also, bear in mind that you will be personally and legally responsible for anything one of your users may upload. If your users upload copyrighted material, cracked software, kiddie porn or anything else that does not comply with California/US law you will likely have your account terminated (and may face legal action).

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That particular script was handed out encrypted and has more holes in it than a June bride.


Yikes! how would the typical non-technically astute user even be able to easily see what such an encrypted script might be doing with/via allow_url_fopen? :open_mouth:

Anyway, as scjessey correctly intimates, people thinking to use DreamHost’s shared servers generous bandwidth and storage quotas for “general publicly accessible file-sharing/uploading” are likely courting disaster anyway as far as keeping their account; those things are usually just too heavily abused to last on DreamHost over even the relatively short term.

They tend to either kill the server with connections, or end up in TOS trouble pretty quickly. :wink: