Hi. I’m trying to install this 3rd party content management system called Concrete5. I was wondering what PHP settings I will need to change, and how to do it. It says that it needs the following before I can install:

  • PHP 5, including:
    o GD support
    o SimpleXML support
    o Search indexing with Lucene (an optional but integrated feature) requires the mbstring extension installed in PHP.
    o PHP with short tags enabled (you should be able to set this setting in .htaccess if necessary.)
    o All magic quotes, including magicquotesgpc DISABLED.
  • Python 2.2 (only required by HTMLDiff, which is used when comparing multiple versions of pages.)
  • MySQL 4.1 or higher

Is the default install of Dreamhost compatible with these features? Will I need to turn off magic quotes? How do I go about doing that?