Compatibility with various Plugins

Hey People,

Im really looking forward to go with the DreamPress Hosting but i have a couple of questions. We changed our Server now 2 Times alone in this year and im tired of it. So i want to know if anyone have issue experience with following Plugins and Themes:

Genesis Framework
Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis
Beaver Builder
Simple Podcast Prss
WP Rocket

Would be nice if anyone could give me a feedback.:slight_smile: Ok i have one more questions. How many Visitors can Dreampress handle? No we have about 400 up to 600 Visitors a day. But there are days where influencer Share our Podcasts and we have peaks from about 2000 up to 3000. Yeah we creating Podcasts but dont worry we are hosting our Podcasts on Libsyn:) Thanks for your helps.

regards Martin Schenk

Hello Martin,

In general, all ‘performance’ plugins are not necessary on DreamPress because the product is already optimized and things like WP Rocket for example, will do more harm than good. The other plugins you mention should work fine but as with so many things of that level of complexity, “your mileage may vary”: themes and traffic can really make things go bad.