Comparing site speed at differents hosts?

I’m an existing DH customer. Our site was on shared hosting and became more and more sluggish. I moved it to a VPS and it was better, but it got much better once I turned on PHP Caching. The amount of VPS memory which I allocated to the site did not impact performance.

Despite all that, my Museum Director was determined that we needed to move the hosting of the site to a different provider. He likes to listen to people who tell him what he wants to hear. Much to my disappointment, the VPS install at new host is loading site pages in half the time which I was getting at DH.

Sure, I wish I could say “I told you so” to my director, but my real concern is to know how I could have known to expect such an outcome. I’m not aware of any publicly available info that would have allowed me to compare the speed of the two VPS environments. Since I still have access to both environments, does anyone know of any tools that I could run which would point out speed differences?

Any tool that can do page load tests. has one, and there’s heaps on the Internet.

You’d have to do a lot of tests using different routes to get usable comparative data.

Thanks sXi. I figure we just got lucky. I can run pageload tests, but I’m not aware of any that will tell me why one result is faster than another. It’s at least nice to know that I didn’t miss something.

Time to first byte can give some insight on server and/or network problems.

When you say the load time is “half” at the other provider, what time differences are we talking here?