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I am a complete novice when it comes to this. I have had DH for two years which I have used to redirect back to my silly earthlink trellix account website. Someday I will actually rebuild it, once I figure out how with out something as easy as trellix being right there for me and put it on the DH site.

But for now I am trying to figure out the difference between staying on My Crazy Insane Plan or switching to the Happy Hosting Plan. any advice would greatly be appreciated?

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What prepayment level are you at? Monthly, 1 year, or 2 year?

I think the Happy Hosting plan is better than the Crazy Domain Insane plan in all cases except where you’re grandfathered into a 2 year prepayment.

Even then, for completeness you should consider whether you want to prepay for 5 or 10 years. That’s a long time and a lot of money, though.

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“I have had DH for two years which I have used to redirect back to my silly earthlink trellix account website.”

If I am understanding this properly, your website is actually hosted with Earthlink, so you are not even using your Dreamhost resources at all, but rather using the Manage Domains to redirect requests to your Earthlink acct. If that is the case then you do not even NEED hosting at all, as you can just do the redirect from wherever your domain is registered, be it DH or not.

If you’d be willing to post the url we can look into the nameservers and whatnot to more fully understand what you’re actually doing, but from the sounds of it you would have no need at all to spend more money on the happy hosting plan. I have 17 websites that are actually hosted ON Dreamhost’s servers using the Crazy Domain Insane plan and am using nowhere even close to the resources it provides (even before the bandwidth bump up), so I see no need to add $1 per month!

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