Comparable Hosts

I have done a bit of research, is there any host you guys have found that is even close in comparison to DH? I keep wanting to compare features with price and am left wanting by anyone else…

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When I was looking for hosting, I didn’t find any that could compare on both price and features. Some were better on individual points, such as support, but DreamHost was by far the best overall package for my particular needs. Since the recent increase of space/bandwidth, DreamHost is even better value.

This forum is probably not the right place to be asking this question, as the majority of forum users are existing DreamHost customers, who obviously think (or thought) that DreamHost was the best value for them.


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Most people in here are shopping around, so it’s good to ask. There are hosting comparison sites…

What plan is best for you? Compare from this list and select the best plan

So far I have been none-but-annoyed by the comparison sites… thought I’d see how other seekers are doing that come here, so far DH is like the offer I can’t refuse…

I am excited to sign up, once I get my refund from the last host I signed up with, whom I am not super-impressed with.

I have a promo code setup, email me if you like.

My previous host was HostSave (now “Gate”) which was comparable (feature-wise) to DH when I signed up last year. However, since then, DH has made massive improvements in almost every area… and HostSave/Gate has only marginally improved, from the looks of their site. I bet it was in response to the dozens of “i’m leaving hostsave” posts in their own support forum, lol.

It should be noted that even when DH and HS were similar, you’d never see Custom DNS on their entry level plan or an 80$ gift certificate randomly showing up in your inbox. :open_mouth:

DreamHost for the win?

Best list I found was here:

I actually went to Powweb before going to DreamHost. What a nightmare! Their DNS servers don’t work for anything. It’s funny too, they charge your credit card with in 30 seconds for signup, but it takes 2+ weeks to get a credit!

DH has had intermittent server down issues over 2005. I haven’t seen anything major recently though. It could be because they had a big promotion last year and had lots of noobs.

What plan is best for you? Compare from this list and select the best plan

It really depends of what you wish to do.

A little car and a truck can circulate at about the same speed on the road.
But you will not take a truck if you don’t need to.
In the same way, if you have a big truck, you will not use it to shopping.

That’s the same in web hosting, depend of what you need to do.

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