Community systems

Hello everyone,

I run a small community website ( ~100 visitors / 400-500 page views a day) which mainly features “profiles” (biographies with a picture) and an event/birthday calendar. The whole thing is self-written in PHP/MySQL and a bit of a pain to administrate - people email me their profiles, birthdays, events and I enter them into the database for them.

Therefore, I have been thinking of switching to a community system like PostNuke, Geeklog, etc where users can administrate and publish (after my approval) their own data. I have no previous experience with community/portal systems at all though and was wondering if anyone could recommend one? I’d also be curious how heavy those kind of systems are on conueries usage - I only have the “Crazy Domain Insane” plan.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I like the new phpNuke 6.5…

They incorporated phpBB 2.04 so it has a ncie forum too.

I’m running a few nuke sites from Dreamhost with no problems.
the main site serves about 1,700 pages a day with 525 members.

The Database is up to 17megs with over 5,000 messages in the forum… MySQL is using just under 4million conqueries a month.

Would you mind posting the urls for the Nuke sites you host on DH?

I’m experimenting with PostNuke right now and I’d appreciate seeing PHPNuke in action on the DH.