Comments "service unavailable"

hey all.

wordpress site at everything’s working fine except for the past day, comments on all posts are borked. getting the following error:

Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Went into my dashboard and emptied the cache, but that didn’t help. tested the issue from elsewhere and it’s not just something local. we haven’t updated or added or changed anything since commenting stopped working.

anyone have any ideas? put in a trouble ticket but i’d love to get this back online as soon as possible…


I just had a chat session on this exact topic - this started happening yesterday on my site and continued through this morning. After several suggestions I ended up deactivating all my plugins and then reactivating them one at time. In the end I had reactivated all my plugins and the problem did not come back. I’m not really feeling good, since I was never able to identify what the problem was - but the comments on my site are working again!!

hey 10aday,

more news from my end. the problem (for me) is jetpack, which for some reason (i think on dh’s end) stopped communicating with wordpress. disabling that plugin solved the comment problem, but now i cannot reconnect jetpack to wordpress to troubleshoot that.

i see ( that jetpack is aware of the 503 issue with dreamhost. i’ve also responded to my customer service dude, to see what he can help with.

some sources online are suggesting its an .htaccess issue, but my attempts to follow their fix borked my whole site and so i backed off. they said that you needed to a) have and b) call out xmlrpc.php in your root dir via .htmlaccess.

hopefully dreamhost will find a fix for this soon as my site looks pretty bare without jetpack running.

It’s not Jetpack… well it is and was and is also us. Anyway.

We pushed out a fix yesterday evening, but some people have stickier caches, so I’ve restarted both your apache service to force it to re-fresh that cache.

If anyone else is having this, just pop us a ticket and let us know the Jetpack issue is still happening and can we restart apache for you. That should clear it up. And if not, me and security will be all over that.

Yes. Thanks. It took a few hours, but the fix settled in and all is well in the world again.

You’re welcome. I’m really sorry about the outage :frowning:

(Darn thing only broke for a surprisingly small percentage of users too, weirdly enough)