Comments in WP and contact form not working



I would like to see if someone can help me
in this one. Last night I upgraded my Worpress 2.0.1 installation to
2.0.2. Since then, the mail notification that should mail me everytime a new comment was posted didnt work anymore. Also the contact form didnt worked anymore.
I tryed to re-instal but I had the same problem. Downgraded uploading the files I’ve backuped before. Nothing. The same problem. Just to be shure if I’ve fracked something in my site’s code, I’ve made a fresh
installation of WP in another domain that I host with DH. Guess what?
Comment notification by mail does not work.
I’ve cheked the Wordpress foruns for a subject like this one and the only thing I’ve found was from some people hosted by GoDaddy that had the same problem because GoDady had made some changes that fracked out the phpMail or something like that.
So, can you help me in here?
I’ve mailed this same subject for Support team in the form but I keep on waiting for a reply.
Thanks in advanced.

Pedro Rebelo

p.s. Just now I’ve went to the site were I’ve made the fresh install this morning. Without log in I left a comment and 10 seconds after it was on my inbox. In a minute I’ve posted another comment. That one did not came in the mail. It seems like if WP was sending 1 mail each hour or just one mail by each IP… Dont know.