Comments in bulk-edit addresses?

I’m setting up many email forwarding addresses, and use a text file to do so.

Works very well.

However, is there a way to put in comment lines? It would be great if I could put in something to indicate the category of mail forwarding.

I CAN put in blank lines, that helps some, but a line for comments, even something like:

;this is a comment line

would help. Possible? Implemented and I don’t know it?

When I work on my Bulk Edit list, they’re sorted alphabetically when I click Save. I don’t think inserting blank lines or comment lines will help, as everything will end up re-sorted alphabetically anyhow.

I’m not worried about what is shown, or re-sorted, or whatever - I always just cut it all out and reinsert the current text file on my computer. So, dreamhost is welcome to ignore the blank lines (and comments, if they would work), the blank lines and potential comments would just help me categorize the file I have created for myself.

The panel isn’t working for me right now to test this, but are you saying that Bulk Edit chokes if you input a syntax error such as a comment line? You could always try formatting your comments to look like a bogus email address: FRIENDS@SCHOOL.COM