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"# Josh Jones Says:
September 9th, 2006 at 9:39 am

Oi, hi there everybody…

I want to apologize for the timing of this post! I didn’t mean to rub in or highlight that this site was up while plenty of our customers were down or anything like that! In general, this blog is meant to be separate from, which is the one specifically meant for system status, downtime, etc. The post about the power outages is sort of an exception over here, and generally any downtown-related posts you see here will be more like post-mortems than “breaking news” updates.

I wanted to also mention that this site is just hosted on a regular DreamHost customer account, on a regular web server, on our regular network, with a regular MySQL database server. So, sometimes this site may be up while yours is down, and sometimes this site may be down while your site is up, and sometimes both may be down, and (hopefully) most of the time they’ll both be up!

Also, I apologize how a lot of times our panel is down while your site is up and you’re trying to write in to support! I promise it’s not on purpose… I also hope that is a little evidence that we’re generally in the same boat as all our customers and we’re trying our best to get everything working as soon as possible.

I’m really sorry about the recent problems, and the post on dreamhoststatus that was poorly phrased and seemed to imply we weren’t going to do anything until Monday! What that actually meant is we are completely replacing our core1 router on Monday (we wanted to do it Friday, but Cisco couldn’t get us a replacement fast enough, despite out support contract). We were still all up until past three last night working on the problems though with the resources we have, I promise!

Things do seem okay still now, and hopefully they’ll stay under control through the big replacement on Monday.

Er, I guess have a good rest of the weekend?