Command line responsiveness?

Shared hosting at the Code Monster level…

I’d like to hear from people doing development, especially at the command line via SSH. Does the command prompt return quickly when you hit return? Do vi sessions run snappy?

The overall deal looks good, but there’s no way to tell how many users are on each server, and if you happen to be on a server with one or more users streaming video/audio, I don’t see how you could get reasonable response on either the command line or your web sites. But prove me wrong, please… :slight_smile:

Is there some info about how many shared hosting accounts they put on a single server, or what kind of servers they’re using (hardware specs)?


Check this out. Not a complete answer, but gives you some of the info you want.

For us at least vi sessions are working just spiffy. The prompt returns fairly quickly. About once per hour there’s a brief period where everything slows down and server load shoots up. It lasts for a few seconds, and then returns to reasonable levels and responses are snappy again. Beyond that it’s all good.