Coming Soon!


I am a total beginner and I think I may have screwed something up. I have a fully hosted site and yesterday I clicked “host DNS only” under Manage Domians while trying to find the DNS number to give to someone else. I then realized that was probably a bad move and clicked on Fully Host. It says the site is fully hosted, did I loose everything on my website? Why is it saying Coming Soon?

Please help!


You are running into the “enemy” of the interwebs! Everything will be fine, the DNS propagation is being reset and its just a matter of time, it shouldn’t take any longer than a day* (avg. time). If its takes any longer than 48 hours hit up our support Dream Team here and they’ll look into it further :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,
Matt C


So I didn’t totally screwup and loose all my website/Wordpress data??


If all you did was click the button “host DNS only” then clicked “fully hosted” and didn’t delete any files or throw your computer off the roof … you’re set :slight_smile:


Thank God I’m not in the habit of throwing my computer off the roof!

Thanks so much for your help!


I double checked your Database. You’re fine :slight_smile: Everything’s there, nice and safe, and will re-appear once everything catches up.