Coming Soon: Site is not Showing up



My sites are not coming up. It is strange they were up and viewable for awhile and I went to go check something on my website and I got a coming soon page. I have 2 domains: and

Now for there was a quickstart.html in there and I deleted it. However, for there is no quickstart.html and it says coming soon.

Anyone experience this at all and how I can fix it? thanks!


Both domains are showing dreamhost quickstart.hmtl pages for me at this time.

Do you install your website in the right place? is the path your your index something like

/home/USER/ or index.php
/home/USER/ or index.php

USER of course is replaced by whatever web user you are using.


Yea they are in the right place. All of a sudden that quickstart showed up.


Did you change the domain user by any chance? Check your panel.


I found out the reason for some reason the domains were pointing to the /etc folder. They work now though. Thanks everyone!