Comcast spamblocking

Also, the support webform is broken. It hangs forever. Anyone who knows how to get through to them please let me know.

Comcast seems to be blocking email from Dreamhost IP

Any advice is welcome.

The new support form seems to have intermittent problems. You may be able to get through if you try again. If not you can use the contact form at Just be sure to include information so the support agent can locate your account.

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Thanks Matthew!

The Comcast problem seems to have gone away now, but you never know with those bozos.

Comcast still seems to be blocking this IP:

Very frustrating as many of my clients have comcast email addresses.

Anyone have any insight on why this keeps happening? Is it a comcast issue, or a dreamhost issue?

This sort of thing is becoming a common issue. In an effort to curtail spam, providers are getting drastic with the blocking. Some places (such as AOL) will block the IP address if too many E-mails come in under an hour. That makes a big problem for places like DH and your own ISP who may be sending a lot of E-mails out.

DH has been extremely good about working to get removed from spam lists, so be sure to let them know when ever you experience a spam listing like this.

Also, if you need to send out an E-mail your pop3/IMAP and webmail use different IP addresses, so if one doesn’t work you may well be able to use the other.

–Matttail - personal website

You can also use the SMTP server of your ISP, instead of the DreamHost one.

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It seems to be an intermittent block - I just successfully sent an email to a comcast address.

This practice does seem ridiculous - it would be nice if comcast (and aol, earthlink, etc), would whitelist the IPs of larger legitimate no-spam-policy hosts like Dreamhost to prevent this from happening.

DreamHost has campaigned for this (and been partially successful, as I understand it), but ultimately ISPs can do whatever they like - particularly if it can somehow get them a competitive advantage out of it.

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