Comcast/Dreamhost block

How much longer will Comcast keep their block on anything sent from Dreamhost domains? I have many Comcast subscribers on my discussion lists who haven’t been able to receive list mail since Aug 21st. I’ve contacted Dreamhost support twice. The first time they essentially said that the ball is in Comcast’s court as they were waiting for a response. This last time, I haven’t heard back and it’s going on two days.

I may have to move my discussion lists somewhere else. Several of my lists pertain to greyhound rescue and adoption and it’s essential that we reach all of our volunteers.

This morning the told me:
[i]We are having some continual problems with
Comcast’s blacklist, and unfortunately the only phone number they provide
(other than basic tech support, who cannot confirm the problem or
otherwise assist us) is a direct voicemail box. We’ve left half a dozen
message in the last couple months and have received no response, and our
emails to Comcast’s blacklist address have yielded nothing but

We’re still actively trying to contact them…[/i]

After I posted to the forum, I received a rather detailed response from Karl on this issue. I appreciate the response, thanks. Here it is:

We have been having worsening problems with Comcast blocking our IPs in
the last couple weeks. This is being exacerbated by Comcast’s lack of
response to our numerous attempts to contact them to resolve the problem.

When an IP is blocked, Comcast bounces mail with instructions to contact
a specific email address. This email address is automated and removes
blocks on IP addresses contained within a message. The problem is that
these IPs frequently end up blacklisted again, and too many removals will
eventually cause this mechanism to start denying blacklist removal
requests altogether, with absolutely no recourse.

In contacting Comcast’s general support (which had no knowledge about the
problem) we retrieved a phone number for their "abuse and security"
division. We’ve made numerous calls to this number which feeds
invariably into a voicemail.

We have also a couple dozen emails to Comcast’s de-listing address as
well as their abuse address requesting some sort of human response on
this issue with information about why mail is being rejected and some
sort of evidence on what kind of mail is generating complaints, so that
we may take appropriate action.

Thus far the response to our requests has been complete silence, and the
occasional automated reply that does not provide any real information
about the problem.

By the looks of it, we’re also not alone!

In the meantime I strongly recommend that if you have forwarding
addresses set up to send mail to your Comcast address, you remove these
and set up locally-hosted DreamHost mail users which you can download
mail from via a program like Outlook or Thunderbird, or even check via
webmail. If you need any assistance with this, please contact support
and we will be happy to assist you.

We’ve also experienced Comcast blocking our listserver IP for
announcement/discussion lists that are set up in our panel. As per
above, we’ve tried to contact Comcast and explain that this server only
sends to addreses which have opted-in and provides opt-out removal
procedures, but have received nothing but autoresponses. Without
receiving actual spam complaints from Comcast, or without the recipients
taking action to remove themselves from the lists they originally
subscribed to, there isn’t a whole lot that can be done to fix this
problem. If you have Comcast recipients on your mailing lists, they may
wish to set up a mail account with a provider that does not blacklist
mail quite so liberally – just because they use them as an ISP doesn’t
mean they have to use them for mail, after all!

Thank you for your continued patience; we are continuing to try and get a
response from Comcast on this issue and hope to eventually rectify it
fully, but above are some methods that you can use in the meantime to
minimize the impact of these blocks on your day-to-day usage.


apparently dreamhost is not the only ones being blacklisted by Comcast, they are blacklisting numerous IPs:

Here is Comcast’s reply to my complaint about them blocking email coming from Dreamhost. They don’t really answer the question, except to say that Dreamhost should contact them.

A peaceful resolution doesn’t look promising, but I suggest everyone affected by this complain to Comcast. Better yet, look for personal corporate email addresses to complain to rather than the online complaint form. That’s what I’ll be trying next.

[quote]Thank you for your message concerning the Comcast High-Speed Internet service. We understand the difficulties with this email issue and can provide contact information.

Michael, after reviewing your e-mail, it appears as though there might be an issue with blocked e-mail. To ensure correctly handling of this issue, the mail administrator for the sending domain will need to submit a “blacklist removal request” to:

Customer Security Assurance cannot address blocklist issues from individual customers.

When sending in the e-mail, I suggest the mail administrator include a copy of the e-mail header, as well as the mail server names with corresponding IP addresses.

The sender will want to review the error message received provided within the bounce back message. The included links will help resolve this issue when a blocked IP sends e-mail to the domain:


Please note that Comcast is not blocking individual senders, but only mail servers that have sent high volumes of spam to the domain.

If you have any more questions feel free to reply to this e-mail, or you can chat with one of our Online Customer Support Specialists 24 hours a day, seven days a week at:

As an added convenience, Comcast provides a Frequently Asked Question?s page, which cover many topics for the Comcast Internet service. To view the FAQ page, navigate to: .

A sample of topics you can view at the FAQ page:

Keep in mind that Comcast will never ask for your password or billing information via e-mail.

Thank you for choosing Comcast as your High-Speed Internet provider and have a good night.


Comcast Online Customer Support

Who did you contact to get that? I want to contact them too. The links they give have content which changes based on what IP you come from.

Who did you contact to get that? I want to contact them too. The links they give have content which changes based on what IP you come from.[/quote]
I went through the “contact us” form at, which gets you to I chose “technical support - email” as the subject. If they do something different with non-Comcast IPs, I’m not sure what to suggest. The reply came from

However given the response I believe that I got a 99% canned reply, and unless the volume of these complaints is huge I doubt they’ll do much good. (Google “comcast blocking email” and you’ll hear a lot of similar horror stories). I think a better course may be to inform the corporate offices that this is a serious problem.

From you can get to the investor’s website at This lists the CEO and board of directors. It appears that you can reach any of them at:

Comcast Corporation
1500 Market Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102-2148

Unfortunately they don’t provide email addresses or phone numbers for any of these people except the BOD audit committee ( which is probably heavily filtered (“customer service issues should go to”, blah blah blah). An actual paper mail to CEO Brian L. Roberts describing the worsening situation may help more than a few complaints to customer service.

I don’t know what the answer is, but blacklisting the entire host seems very shortsighted. I wonder if the problem is that any forwarded email will include a certain amount of spam, and Comcast is detecting that and locking down the forwarding party (Dreamhost)??

Good luck (to all of us), -mgrusin