Comcast blocking sack as spam?

For the last few weeks, whenever I send to a Comcast address, it gets blocked with the error " < #5.0.0 X-Postfix; host[] said: 550 blocked by ldap:ou=rblmx,dc=comcast,dc=net -> BL003 Blocked for spam." I know that forwarding to Comcast and AOL is disabled, but these are mailed directly. What’s strange is that I don’t see anyone else reporting this problem. Is this happening to anyone else?

Actually, it’s reported here fairly regularly. You’ll likely get even more hits if you expand your search to include phrases like “comcrap”, “comc*st”, etc. :wink:

If you look through some of those threads, you’ll get an idea of how difficult this issue is to resolve and that has been an ongoing source of frustration for DH, their customers, and other shared hosts and their customers.


Got it. The forum search didn’t turn up anything recent, so I thought this might be something new. I knew about the historical problem that caused DH to prohibit automatic forwarding, but this problem with direct email was new in the last few weeks, at least for me. DH support has confirmed the problem. sack is currently on blacklists SPAMCANNIBAL and TQMCUBE.

I know how you feel, I switched from my previous host because not only were they being unresponsive to help inquiries (like site being down for 4 weeks due to DNS issues internally til I used godaddy to force the IP address), but also because apparently one of the sites on the previous host was actually sending massive amount of spam somehow using my server ip and alias. Obviously comcast blacklisted any email coming from my email address.

Also its near impossible even with the request form to have a domain removed from the black list. Apparently it wasn’t just me.

-Karl Blessing