Comcast blocking my Dreamhost IPs

I was in the middle of SCPing a file to one of my accounts when my phone rang to say that Comcast (my internet provider) had detected a bot on my network. It was a recorded message with no details or other clues.

At the exact same time, my SCP connection hung and all my SSH sessions to my dreamhost account dropped. I can no longer ping or otherwise access (http/ssh) my servers hosted on DH.

I can still see the servers from another (non-comcast) account.

I have a theory that my SSH/SCP caused a false alarm with Comcast’s bot detectors. 2 hours on the phone to comcast support (restart your browser/ clear your cookies/cycle your modem :frowning: ) got me nowhere and now they have gone home for the weekend. Meanwhile I can’t access my websites.

I wonder if anyone has run into this problem and how they resolved it.

Thanks in advance,


PS. It’s possible I really do have a bot on a computer on my network and I am investigating but it’s a big coincidence that I lost access right at the moment when they detected suspicious activity.

I have a slightly different issue. Comcast is blocking my emails as spam as of 10/12. Unfortunately I didn’t receive the undeliverable message until 4 days later.

Sounds more like a block on Comcast’s end, and not what either of us are doing.