Combining 2 Actions

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I am trying to create a web page which allows our users to renew their membership via Paypal. It seemed simple enough at first, except that, in addition to capturing name, address, & email fields, I also want to capture selections relating to what they may be interested in volunteering for.

Attempt #1 was to use formmail with a redirect to Paypal but both services require unique form actions so that didn’t work.

Attempt #2 was to use PHP and capture session variables. Use formmail on page 1 to inform me of the name, address, email, and volunteer preferences, then page #2 could use those session variables in conjunction with a Paypal “Buy It Now” button to let users pay their dues. Unfortunately, I can’t get the session variables to be recognized within Paypal’s structure.

This seems like it should be much simpler than it’s turning out to be. Can somebody point me to a good reference source - book, website, etc. that will show me how to do this?


Have you had a look at the paypal site?See if you get any good ideas here?

It is the UK site so you may be redirected if you are elsewhere!



Yes I have. They have some very good resources with their ‘Website Payments Standard Integration Guide’. However, it illustrates the two ends of the spectrum: i.e. “Buy it Now” with minimal code required, or integration with ecommerce and 3rd party shopping carts. What I want is in the middle - I don’t need to register users and have them login, but I want them to provide me with some basic information that is passed on to me as they pay, and then forgotten when they close their browser. Session variables seem ideal but I can’t get them to work.