Combine multiple user registrations


On my site I have a few things that require the user to register for a login/password (photo gallery, phpbb, calendar, webmail). Its just a website for family to keep in touch with one another, and most of them aren’t too web savvy. Is there any way to combine all of the separate registration processes into one, so that they only have to fill out one form?

I’m just beginning to learn website development myself, so a relatively simple option would be appreciated.


hmmm, that will not be an easy thing to do, because you had to modify all the scripts to use one database. As you are a beginner, I would rather tell you to use Mambo or PhpNuke. These CMS have already integrated most of the things you need to use and might be the easier solution


Yes using a CMS would definately be better for you. If you want to try out CMS (content management system) before you dive into installing one, there’s and just go to their live demo section (on the left side of the page) for the portals. Mambo has modules you can add to be able to have pretty much any sort of feature :slight_smile: and DH does offer a one-click install of joomla (which is pretty much the same thing…).

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Since I’ve installed all of my current scripts on separate databases already, am I out of luck? Would I have to redo everything?

thanks for the help


Yes, you would have to do it over.

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Any drawbacks to having all those scripts on one database? I don’t expect to have more than 3-7 users on the site at once.


Not a drawback at all. Most of the big CMS packages can support a lot more than that at any given time without any problems.

Just to put in my $0.02, I’d recommend that you use Drupal I use it on a few sites (currently working on setting up another site based on it for one of my University’s clubs) and it’s a dream.


I went with Joomla (one-click install is a plus, and I see a ton of support info on the web). I’ve re-installed all of the other scripts on the same database. I hadn’t done to much work on them so starting over isn’t too bad. From what I can tell integrating all of the user registrations into one single form still isn’t going to be an easy task. Anyone wanna point me towards the first step, or maybe even a tutorial?


What you’re going to want to do is to pretty much get rid of all of those other programs (gallery, phpbb, etc.) and then install the relevant plugins into Joomla (in this case, you’re going to want to install a photo gallery plugin as well as a forum plugin). That way, when they sign up for Joomla, they’re actually signing up for everything, and have access to all of the areas of your site under one name.

As I said earlier, I tend to use Drupal in my sites, not Joomla, so I’m not too familiar with the system, but I’m sure that there’s more than a few places with tutorials on setting up sites to do what you want them to do.


That helps quite a bit, I assumed I could use my old scripts and just integrate them into Joomla. A photo gallery, forum and calendar plugin for joomla are available, but I was also using a recipe script that I doubt joomla has an equivalent.



thank you


Nathan, it’s good to see another Drupal user :smiley: I also use it for most of my sites. I’d be using it for all of them but I can’t manage to convert my MT posts to Drupal successfully (not for lack of trying though). Drupal isn’t for those who aren’t use to CMS, however. Not unless they spend endless hours figuring it out :wink:

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