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" If you are the owner of this domain, you’ll find your login information contained within the emails sent to you when your account was activated. Once logged in, you’ll be able to delete this page (quickstart.html) and begin uploading your new site. "
I upload my site using FTP to file not found quickstart.html. guide to help me uploading my site ???
Please.!!! I’ve started.

Delete quickstart.html

I wish they’d just call that index.html, would make things a bit less confusing.

DH servers search for quickstart.html and I suppose they check the space before triggering this page in their own well preserved .htaccess file or the routines.

If you uploaded your site content into your space through FTP, there is no need to again delete the ‘quickstart.html’.

Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but it’s the nearest to the problem I’ve been searching for.

I cannot find quickstart.htm anywhere in my FTP! It’s showing up when I type in my URL but I can’t see where to delete it.
The directories in my root/ are: .svn, Maildir and logs.

If those are the only directories you see, you haven’t created a site yet or it’s on a different FTP user.

The different FTP user! Argh, it’s the little things that seem like Everest at the time.

Thanks for your help, found quickstart.html :slight_smile: