.com.au domain not working(have set nameservers)

Hey, i have a .com.au domain with smartyhost and am hosting it with dreamhost, but i can’t get my webpage to work.

I set the nameservers to


a few days ago but it still isn’t working

DH does not host international domain names. You may want to refer http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/Domain_Registration#International_domain_registration

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I was under the impression that you could have a .com.au domain registered with someone else, and hosted with dreamhost.

As indicated in this post

Also, just made some progress, I can get ftp://yoursite.com to take me to my dreamhost ftp, but when i go to www.yoursite.com my site still fails to load. (I have an index.html in my base the root directory of the site).


You are completely correct. Checking whois shows that the whois record is already updated with the DH nameservers, and a traceroute shows that my lookups are resolving to a DH server (apache2-fritz.geyser.dreamhost.com).

That said, I am still unable to load a page. Have you properly “Added” the domain (hosting) in the DH Control Panel?


I have it fully hosted with php 4.4.2 with Extra web security enabled and add “www” enabled.

And i have a very basic index.html file as the only file in the ftp directory for the site.

I get the server not found when i type in www.mysite.com.au, or mysite.com.au

but when i type mysite.com.au the url in the address bar gets set to www.mysite.com.au and it says server not found.

ftp://mysite.com.au/ works fine.

index.html code is

Untitled Document Coming Soon

and works fine when opened in firefox

That’s pretty strange, as when I browse to http://musicservices.com.au, I get redirected to http://www.musicservices.com.au, but then I get a “Problem loading page” in FireFox.

Given what you have reported, it is almost acting like DNS is still updating; I know you said you have waited several days, but I’m wondering if the registrar just recently (last couple of days) actually updated the DNS.

I think it might be time to file a support ticket, and DH tech support check it out for you.


Thanks for your help, i will file a ticket!

I see that your domain is now working properly! :slight_smile: Care to share what the problem turned out to be?


this is really strange. pls update us how you host the domain name in DH. Maybe DH has changed the policy but we do not know. I hope :wink:

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DH does not register .au domains, but can host them without any problem. Registering and hosting are two different functions.

If one has a domain registered with another registrar, the only requirement for them to host a site with Dreamhost is that they be able to set the nameservers for their domain, at their registrar, to DH’s nameservers.


oh… thanks rlparker. I was confused. I thought DH did not host .au domain either.

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DH will host anything that you can manage to get pointed at it.


I have no idea what the problem was, i sent a support ticket, and dreamhost said it was working fine, and i tried it and it worked!

I think it just needed time.

I think you are correct…DNS updating is weird in that some things work before others, and DNS success often “comes and goes” in the first 2-3 days after a change.