Collecting emails from external address

An organisation gave me an email address on its own domain.

It’s a pop3 mailbox.

I would like to forward the emails coming to that address to my own address hera at dreamhost.

I have no chance to convince the other organisation to set up a forward to my own address.
All I can do is checking the email via pop3.

Is there a way to set up an automatic check on new mail from my dreamhost shell that then place the downloaded email in my mailbox?

I know i can do this on my client, but since I check my mail also from webmail, using the email client is not the preferred way…

thanks in advance

Stefano G.

SquirrelMail (the webmail client) does have this feature, but from what I can tell DH doesn’t have it installed/turned on.

Not sure they can do it just for one account, but it may be worth asking.

If you can’t get dreamhost to install the plugin you can install your own copy of squirrelmail in your home directory and install all the plugins that you want. The only drawback is that you won’t be able to login with your email alias (ie. you’ll have to login with your mXXXXXXX username if its a mailbox only account) and you’ll have to manually configure the config file. You can then even map it to a new sub-domain like or whatever. It’s probably a pain to install plugins system wide and once they install one plugin then everyone will want a plugin installed.