CollabNet SubversionEdge and netbeans

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After checking google to use Subversion from remote sites, I found that the best idea was to use CollabNet SubversionEdge. I downloaded and installed as indicated by the instructions. I was able to see the web default page, the administrator, and also to create a repository in that server.

But, when I tried to connect from netbeans I got this message: “org.tigris.subversion.javahl.ClientException: RA layer request failed
OPTIONS of 'https://:7007/svn’: SSL negotiation failed: SSL error code -1/1/336032856 (https://:7007)”.

So I decided to test using TortoiseSVN, and when I tried to import to that repository I got this other error “Unable to connect to a repository at URL ´https://*******:7007/svn Repository moved temporarily to https://********:7007/svn, please relocate”.

The ‘******’ sign, hides the Dyndns url, that I using.

I make a lot of goole reseach, without any success, so, please if some can help me i will apreciate a lot.


Hi there,

Did you successfully set up the repository address in the Dreamhost control panel? Can you access it from the command line?

You could try using uberSVN, which will install Subversion for you along with Apache for web access to your repository (you’d then simply need to push your latest version to the Dreamhost space).


Hello WANdisco,

Thanks for your replay, but I don´t want to use a remote or cloud service to allocate our repository. That´s the reason that I selected CollabNet SubversionEdge. I´m still looking for a solution, if I would find it, I´ll post it here.