@coke load averages

is there anyone @coke here (hehe :slight_smile: i mean the computer name

[coke]$ w
03:16:38 up 10 days, 21:49, 4 users, load average: 54.88, 28.13, 14.65

its happening all the time.

does it happen on other servers as well? it takes ages for sites to load


Put the load averages into a support request and Dreamhost will look into it, they tend to get on top of CPU hogs pretty quick.

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I would consider that load to be excessive. If it is ‘happening all the time’, it’s likely that someone on your shared server is using more than their fair share of resources, I would suggest lodging a support request detailing the situation. DreamHost support should be able to track down the errant process, or perhaps move you to a server with less load.


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Correct, as mentioned. Just place a support request and let them know this is happening all the time. Currently they do not have any CPU limitations in place, which works fine…Except for those that decide to run proxy servers and other crap. They should be removed if this is happening often.

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