Codeigniter project not working in VPS

We have an application developed in Codeigniter framework. Just to isolate the problem i create an environment for testing. So that any one can help me.

I download the CI 3.0 and just made change in welcome page, i added a form to submit date.

you will see a form just enter some data and submit, data get posted and show same form loaded with the data you posted. i used a print_r command to print it.

I zip the code of whole ci30 folder, made the

in my VPS server where i have new site
i unzipped the folder and just change one line to point to server in line #20

Just one line change. open the url in browser:

it shows the same form, enter data press submit button.

it didn’t post data, on VPS server has something wrong in settings it neither post nor get the data.

If you have have faced similar problem please let us know.