i signed up yesterday for hosting and transferred my old domain dreamhost… i used this code:

DKPC1DOMAIN82 - One EXTRA lifetime domain registration and $82 off

i did get the $82 off but where do i go to register a new lifetime domain? i went in the web panel and clicked under the new registration tab and when i wanted to register it, i was asked how i wanted to pay for the first year…

so how to i redeem that lifetime domain registration? thanks.

Check under “Billing>Manage Account” Towards the bottom of the page in the “Domains Registered” section it should say “1 registered, 2 free on this account”.

If so, then all is good and there should be an option to pay “$0.00” when you register a new domain.

If not, then tell us what it says and we’ll be able to figure out what’s going wrong (hopefully).

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