Code Monster "Sale"

OK, here’s the problem… For some reason I decided to look on the DH plan comparison page. Well, I saw that there was a sale for the Code Monster plan for the same price I am paying for Sweet Dreams. (Stupidly) I thought that I could just upgrade my plan. Well, I did and then I had an outstanding charge of the full $39.95/mo price despite the $19.95 I have already paid for this month’s service on Sweet Dreams.

So, I downgraded my plan back to Sweet Dreams and while it credited me for most of the Code Monster plan (a like $1.25 difference, for some reason) it added an extra charge for Sweet Dreams at $19.95, leaving me with an outstanding balance of around $21. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

The last sale wasn’t for DH users, so this one probably wasn’t. Last time, the $80 plan was $9.95.

These are the threads from the last sale:
ARGH :frowning: You can’t be serious
Happy Birthday DreamHost - What about us?

My guess is that the biller will figure everything out, but just in case, I’d write support.


I just sent a wee email to support on this matter…

No fair!!

And the reply was no!

Boo Hiss etc… :slight_smile:

Oh well, i still get a good hosting account! I probably couldn’t afford the extra $10 anyway ;D