"code monster" faster than the "crazy domain ins"?

I was wondering if the “code monster” plan is faster than the “crazy domain insane” plan when it comes to deliver content to the clients, or there is no difference in this point. (?)

I’m pretty sure all the different shared plans are on the same machines (a CDI plan might be on the same box as a Strictly Business account) - therefore there wouldn’t be any difference.

I don’t think you’ll see a performance difference unless you move to a dedicated server. The main difference between shared plans is quantity, rather than quality.

If you switched plans and it feels different, maybe they moved you to a different server that has a problem, higher load, etc… If that’s the case, I’d contact support and have them either address the issue or move you to a different server.

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I’m currently using ipowerweb, and right in the crucial moment when I’ve just released a new game [so I’m getting a good amount of traffic (say 5GB/day)] it started going impossibly slow.

I have to change host, and I dont want this to happen again.

I’d say give the Code Monster plan a shot, especially since the 1/2 off sale is still going. If it’s not enough, you can always upgrade to Strictly Business. Upgrading and downgrading plans isn’t a problem–that’s why I’d start with the one that’s currently the best deal.

If it can’t be done at Dreamhost, it probably can’t be done in a shared hosting environment. If that turns out to be the case, it should be easy to upgrade to dedicated, since theirs even come with the same control panel installed.

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