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Is each account a separate “jail” e.g. it appears to the account owner that he has his own Linux system?


I’m confused by the way you phrase your question.

With the shared hosting, a customer account shares the available resources of a cluster of machines with other customers. Each plan that a customer signs up for determines how much of these resources the customer can use - such as users, disk space, and virtual hosts. No single customer is in charge of a particular machine.

As for as the operating system goes, a shell user gets access to a command line interface by telnet/SSH. But as above, a shell user will be one of many users and you don’t get “root”.
However the shell user can do a lot of things such as compile your own version of PHP, use cron, run non-CGI scripts and programs, etc.

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No, they are not, but you can compile your own software in your home directory.

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BSD jails are chroot’ed subsystems that allow each account to have it’s own “virtual” operating system. The user has a root login and the fs looks like they are on a complete system, but actually they are chroot’ed in their own “jail” and can’t substantially affect other users in their jails. Here’s a good explanation:

Interesting… thanks for the link.

In a word, to answer your question. ‘no’.