CocoaMySQL & Dreamhost, Unable to connect

I’m using CocoaMySQL, an OS X MySQL gui manager, but I’m unable to connect to my database…

I have set the MySQL hostname ( and my MySQL username and password and no dice. Yes, I am using my MySQL username/password.

There are a few “optional” fields in the connection box, and I was wondering if I should be entering anything in there…


I tried specifying the actual database name (mtsql) and that didn’t help. Does anyone have any experience working with this kind of thing?

Also, as an aside… a book I’m reading has a bunch of mySQL command line examples. I tried invoking vidar:~> mysql -u illovich -p (password) on my home server and that didn’t work. I also tried SSHing to but that refused the SSH connection (I wasn’t surprised). Is there any way to use the mysql command line client on dreamhost?

Edit the database user you’re connecting as from the web panel, and allow access from your IP address or the smallest possible range of IPs you might be connecting from. By default, connections from outside our networks won’t work.

See above.

You can do from your DreamHost user machine (or from your machine if you allow access for your IP range):
mysql -uillovich -p databasename