.co.uk registration somewhere else, e-mail/subdomain set up?

I’m going to be registering a .co.uk domain, obviously offsite as Dreamhost doesn’t do .co.uk registration, and I was wondering if there is anything specific I need to do on the registrar’s backend to set it up for e-mail or the gmail settings, or if I use “fully hosted” on Dreamhost (and set up the nameservers, obviously, on the registrar’s backend) it’ll all be fine.

Also, if I purchase a .co.uk domain elsewhere, do I have to set up subdomains on the registrar backend or on Dreamhost?

Thanks in advance for any help.

As soon as you tell your registrar that the name servers for example.co.uk are here at DreamHost, everything else will be handled here. The name servers control your subdomains and Gmail pointers.

Wonderful. Thank you very much!