.co.uk domains?

Hi There,

I’m interested in signing up to DreamHost - can I register/transfer .co.uk domains to DreamHost? I have several .co.uk domains with my current provider…



I don’t think you can register .com.uk domain in DH.

However, you can host it in DH by setting up domain name servers.

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DH register only .com, .net, .org, .info.

But like almost all hosting, you can host any domain with them.

Just keep your current registar and change dns to ns[1-2-3].dreamhost.com

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no problem at all, if you have access to an online panel to change the name servers.

Done it myself. Just add the domains to your Dreamhost account and then change the name servers as if you were getting a .com domain to point to Dreamhost webspace.

He asked if he could transfer the domains, not host them.

I’ve not tried myself, but I believe they don’t register .co.uk domains, so you probably couldn’t transfer them here either. I keep all my .co.uk domains in a separate account with a registrar though, and I haven’t even tried to transfer them here.