.co.uk Domain Names

Is it possible to register .co.uk domains through dreamhost? If not, can they be transfered from another company to dreamhost?
I’d rather keep all of my hosting and domains in one place if possible…


I use ukreg.com (I haven’t found anything cheaper for .uk) and point the DNS over here. Very straightforward. Good luck.

Can you explain how you forward the domains? I’m not that clued up about domain registrations…


You should check the wiki or you may be able to search the forums. Right now the wiki’s not responding so I can’t drop you a link. But basically you point the domain’s nameservers to dreamhost’s name servers. This allows the name you registered to find the systems that the name corresponds to.


If the domain is registered elsewhere, but you wish to host the domain here at DreamHost, you need to add the domain to the DreamHost system via the panel then use whatever configuration utility your registrar provides to set the name servers for the domain to…


Once you have done this it will take up to 72 hours for the DNS changes to propagate across the Internet.


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Excellent… thanks for the help! :smiley:

Is it possible to point them to a sub directory? Say if I let a friend use some of my webspace for their website…

I am not 100% sure what you mean, but it is possible to configure the ‘web directory’ when adding the domain to the DreamHost system, you could point this to a sub-directory if you wish.

However, a much better solution for sharing your webspace would be to simply create a new user for your friend, then create a new sub-domain, setting the new user as the owner of the sub-domain. This way your friend can log-in using FTP and will only see his own home directory, with the relevant directory/files for his sub-domain.


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you can have more than one domain or subdomains in one accounts.

They will be stored in different folders. You can also create new ftp users to control the particular folders.

Like mark said, you can also create new webid for new users and give privilege to them.

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And they won’t be able to mess with files owned by your user unless you let them.


im haviong trouble with transfer of .co.uk address. When I point nmame server over that seems to work at the other registrars control panel… but then on Dreamhost it says… “cannot transfer as it is a Subdomain.” Ermmm. Subdomain, its this address www.teamsottovia.co.uk and it was purchased by us outright. It shouldnt be a subdomain. Do I have to wait the 72 hours before trying this again and then it will work and not give the error message. Perhaps I was trying too soon. Any advice appreciated.

You can not transfer the domain registration to DreamHost, as DreamHost does not act as a registrar for .co.uk domains.

However, you can host the domain at DreamHost while leaving the domain registered at your current registrar. To do this you simply change the name server configuration for the domain (at your registrar) to point at the DreamHost name servers (ns1.dreamhost.com etc.) then add the domain to the DreamHost hosting system in the panel at Domains -> Manage Domains -> Add New Domain / Sub-Domain.


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