CNAME to subdirectory?

I understand that a CNAME refers to a DNS record, so I can’t refer to

Is there another command or referrer I can use to have an alias like that on my domain?

Thanks for the help!

If these are both hosted here, you can Edit your Fully Hosted Domain ( to use /home/USER/ as its directory. I think. I’ve not tried this, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. You may have issues with links if they’re not carefully planned (use relative links within david, and full-path links to get to

Sorry, I don’t think I understand (which is why I posted in beginner forum! :P). I have fully hosted. I want to just be standard. I want to refer to

Is this possible?

Go ahead and start creating a Fully Hosted and make sure it’s the same FTP user as For the space where it says “Web directory /home/username/” it will pre-fill

Change it so it’s

Thank you! It was so much simpler than I thought…just didn’t know I could do that. Thank you very much!

If you still want to have redirect to, you can do the following:

On the Full Hosted settings page for, scroll down to the Redirect section. Enter a redirect URL:

Redirect to URL:

And click the “Redirect this domain” button.

Now is redirected to The redirection is marked a “permanent”, which means that search-engine’s (Google, etc) will use the redirected URL as the official URL.