Cname redirect



i’m trying to emulate what I had set up with amazon which was

i edited the cname value to:

i did a propagation check and am getting this confirmed as the cname value.

i can type in in my browser and retrieve the public file as expected.

however, when i typed I got a NoSuchBucket error.

When i did a tracert to I noticed it resolves to just (no bucket appended as 4th level domain opposed to the record lookup which did have the bucket appended)

I then typed in in the browser and get the NoSuchBucket error as well which leads me to believe this is the url the redirect is hitting instead, as the bucket is obviously present and working when i access it directly.

so it seems to me that my is not redirecting with the bucket appended as the 4th level domain despite the record lookup showing that it is. am I doing something incorrectly with the cname value? i am not terribly familiar with the cname entries so i’m assuming it’s a me problem.


It’s not you, it’s me! Us… Right.

It’s not working yet, but it’s on our roadmap.


you’re giving me the it’s not you it’s me? I INVENTED it’s not you it’s me.

thanks for that tidbit. looking forward to it.