Cname & Mx Records change

My email situation is pretty much over, but now I need to gatehr the address book, so Regester-DotCom said I need to add Cname & Mx Records with a Priority Low or medium, so I can acess their webmail (my former) and export my address book. How do I do this. Here is the email that they Sent me.


Cname & Mx Records

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Response (Lynn) - 06/12/2007 11:13 AM

Thank you for contacting

If you change the DNS Server information listed as authoritative for your domain
name, your email account will not work until you set up the proper Zone
file on the DNS Servers that you are transferring your domain name to.

If you have changed your DNS Server information and still wish to use your email account, please contact your domain name administrator and ask
them to enter the following in your domain name’s Zone file (substituting your
registered domain name for “”):

In C Name: points to:
In MX: Priority: Medium

Once these changes have been made in your domain name’s Zone file, you should be
able to access your email account on the Internet again within 24 hours

You probably wish you had grabbed everything before converting.

If you do as they suggest, mail may start going to again. I don’t think you want this.

You may want to try the following instead:

Do an nslookup to find the IP address for

Add a host entry on your local system for mail.yourdomain.tld using the IP address found above (this will provide you the function of the CNAME DNS entry they are suggesting).

Reconfigure your mail client back to the way wants it.

Do whatever you need to do to get your address book (I have no clue).

Remove the hosts entry and convert your mail client back to DH.

This should work as long as will not be picky about not having an MX entry for your domain pointing to them.

If you do have to create the DNS MX entry, make sure the priority is lower than the priority for DH. If, for some reason, DH mail goes out, mail will go to MX entries tell other systems where to send mail.

I did grab everything before I started this, stated high at least 6 post up in the mail thread I created.

I did figure it out - Here is what I found. Actually quite simple.

in DH server - Domain>ManageDomains>DNS>Fill Out
Name: oldmail (
Comment: you can leave this blank
Now just press the Add Record Now! button. You should now be done.

Wait till it updates, could take hours. Mine has not as of yet. But when it does, I will be able to access the old server and all new emails will still be headed to my server here (DH)

Yes, that is how to add a CNAME.

My suggestion to do a local hosts change was in great part to avoid the DNS propagation delay.

Also, if your old ISP uses the same name for your mail server as DH (mail.yourdomain.tld), then as soon as you pick up the DNS change, you will lose access to mail at DH. Since you did not put in the MX entry, your mail will still deliver to DH, you just will not be able to reach it until you remove the CNAME.

Note that it will take a while for the entry to go away when you remove it from DH DNS later.

Also, you may wish to check for a typo (I just noticed this)… Throughout your threads, you are using Just make sure your entry is correct, I am guessing it should be

I did not spell that right to avoid advertising their dotCom. I will let you know what happens in 6-12 hours :slight_smile: If my doesnt go to regesterDotCom webmail. Then I was thinking about just changing the Name Servers back to RegesterDotCom and then create a MX record to DH webmail, so all new mail will still go to DH webmail.


Ahhh… I mentioned it as this is the sort of thing I could stare at for hours and not figure out why it doesn’t work. Wonder if my post will get deleted now for spamming? :wink:

Waiting on DNS is just slow. But, it will get you there. Just remember you will need to wait for the entries to time out again when you switch back.