Cname in regards to Photoshelter


I have a wordpress blog hosted with Dreamhost. I also have the blog linked with a Photoshelter site. I wanted to have a cname, instead of the Photoshelter name in the browser.

I asked Dreamhost help how to do it. The guy told me that I have a www. which is not necessary, and he deleted it. And I did add the cname.
Now my site is down.
Photoshelter tells me, the cname is rightly directing. But the blog is not going to the right site, since the www has been deleted. Well great.

How can I add the right www again? Dreamhost did not yet reply yet.

My site
cname is

thanks for any help


i believe this thread and this thread are similar in natureā€¦


Thanks, but that is not the problem. Setting up the cname worked.
The problem is that the site is down because Dreamhost points to a wrong site for my domain name. At the Manage Domains, there is a part which says: Non-editable DreamHost DNS records for
In there I should have a record for www which is not there anymore. How can I add that.
If I can just add it as a custom DNS with the type A, where do I find the right value?
Thanks for any help.