Cname for subdomain



I am trying to change my currently existing blog at my fully hosted subdomain ( to be hosted by Blogger’s Custom Domain Name service.

Instructions are given here:

But I have not been able to determine how to apply these instructions in my dreamhost account to change the DNS server for this subdomain.

Under Manage Domains, "Add a custom DNS record to"
Name: (I’ve tried “[blank]” “*” and “www”)

But Google/Blogger on the other end tells me “The DNS record for your domain is not set up correctly yet.”

I would appreciate any guidance.


Your CNAME setup will have to be *.blog and and maybe even .blog will work. DNS applies to, so your records need to include the subdomain.



Scott - thank you. For some reason, it seemed to work this time for *.blog, though I thought I had tried the same thing before. But, I cannot get it to work for or blank. It gives me this message:
You already have a record for this name. You can’t have a CNAME and any other record on the same name.

Is there a way to check or delete records already established for a name?


I may be able to answer my last question. On the edit page there is a section:
Non-editable DreamHost DNS records for

Entries are:
blog A A A

That probably explains why I cannot add a custom DNS record for *.blog, but not [blank] or

So my question now is: is there a way around this? Is there a way to remove, change, or add to these “non-editable DreamHost DNS records” to send viewers of this subdomain to


You can send a ticket to Support with the details and have them edit them for you.

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If currently exists here, you’re going to have to delete that installation here. Go to the panel for Domains -> Manage Domains and delete (far right column) that subdomain. That’ll clear that stuff out of your DNS so you can add CNAMEs.

That Delete option is pretty powerful so I’m hoping that someone can confirm that it’s the far right one and not the middle column one, which seems like it just takes it offline.



Yeah, the far right one wipes everything. mysql, mail, the lot!

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For just the subdomain, or the entire domain?



The “far right delete” removes mail accounts, sql, etc. attached to the entity you’ve chosen to delete - be it domain or sub-domain. I deleted a few sandboxes earlier using this Button of Doom and it seemed to leave the directories and files intact on the controlling user accounts (although I removed them manually in shell quite promptly, so it’s possible the files were queued to be removed).

It pops up “zomg! serious business!” alert when you hit it to be sure you really want to follow through with the ensuing destruction - and politely reminds that a deleted domain can’t be hosted on a different account if it’s been purchased with a referral link or discount.

After all the Shock and Awe, it then placates you with a soothing note that you may re-add the deleted entity back to your account if you want to re-host it again sometime.

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Thanks for the advice. I might try asking support for help before I try deleting.


Dreamhost Support responded to my request within a few hours. I note it here for those in the future who may have the same question:


That worked for me. DNS updated overnight and now everything is working. Scott and sXi, thanks so much for their help.