CNAME Entries For Existing Google Apps User

Hi, I just signed up with Dreamhost (beta apps acct) with the goal of using the hosted wordpress service to create a blog at my ‘www’ site. I am already a Google Apps Premium user for email, calendar, docs, etc. I believe I have to make some CNAME entries / changes on my domain (hosted at Network Solutions) before my ‘www’ points to my Dreamhost site. Currently, both ‘*’ and ‘www’ CNAME entries are listed as (there are no other CNAME entries) and all of my MX entries are set-up to point (correctly) to Google. ‘A’ records (IP address) are all blank as are ‘txt’/‘spf’ and ‘srv’.

I really don’t want to mess up my current Google Apps services (ie mail, calendar, etc) by starting to enter CNAME entries with no knowledge of what I am really doing…hopefully there is someone out there who has more experience than I do that can help me out?