Cname change

I have a hosted web service that is not on Dreamhost. In order to use it, I need to make what they call the alias their domain name. For example, I goto and use their service. To use their custom domain service I need to make what they call the “alias” to their domain of . What do I need to do?

I forgot, not sure if it makes a difference or not, but the domain is not hosted at DH. it is from a different registar. The dns is pointed to the nameservers at DH.

No, that doesn’t make a difference.

To create the alias the other site’s asking for, open up the Manage Domains section of the panel and click the “DNS” link under the domain you want to add the alias to.

where do I put the alias? it ask for “value” and something else. not sure what is suppose to go there.

[color=#0000CC]Type:[/color] C [color=#0000CC]Value:[/color] [color=#0000CC]Comment:[/color] alias for widgets

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I figured out the c . Tell me if I need to change something>>> I created a subdomain just fine. I go and make the change for CNAME , but it says this:

“You already have a record for this name. You can’t have a CNAME and any other record on the same name.” What is this saying?

That’s trying to tell you that there’s already something using the subdomain that you’re trying to assign the CNAME to.