CNAME and A Records

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I searched the forums for the answer but didn’t find anything that answered my question. So here it is…

I have a photography site at ( I am trying to do a CNAME that goes to (they take care of the rest of the forwarding via their menus, no problem there). The issue is that when I tried to do a CNAME for (my desired url) I got a message that CNAMES and A Records cannot co-exist. It appears to me that the A Records were put in there automatically when the subdomain was created. Is there any way to change that? I would use an A Record but according to Smugmug their domain has changed in the past and they may need to change it in the future. I’d hate to have to try to keep track of their IP just to make sure my site works.

So, how do I remove the various A Names (most of which look like they have something to do with email and ftp and such which I wouldn’t need for that subdomain) so I can set up a CNAME to



Anyone??? I really really really need to get this taken care of. I have also emailed tech support and have not gotten an answer.

What about deleting that subdomain from the Domains section of the panel? (I don’t have a plan that allows DNS changes, so I haven’t dealt with this.) It seems to me that the hosting for that subdomain is being done at smugmug, so there’s no need for it to be listed as a recognized subdomain as far as DH is concerned.

Yeah, you wouldn’t want to set it up for hosting through our panel because that will automatically add DNS records for it. You would just add the CNAME and that’s it.

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