CMS's on Dreamhost?

I am considering building my site using a CMS (Content Management System). I searched the KB and also the forums but there’s not much discussion on this topic, so here goes.

I am looking for a good all around CMS that would also support some e-commerce functions, blogging, RSS down the road. I guess a PHP based CMS would work here and there are quite a few. I am curious what CMS are you using on your account? Any that you tried and didn’t work/weren’t supported?

Thanks in advance,

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I’ve done some extensive testing over the last couple of years, and have found that most of the CMS systems found on will run fine on Dreamhost. You will find your life much easier if you run PHP as CGI (which is now the default setting on dreamhost domains) though this can require small code changes to a small minority of the CMS packages mentioned.

(These changes are well documented in the Dreamhost Knowledgebase and the Wiki, as well as this discussion forum)

As for recommedations, your post mentioned many things, and some CMS systems are better for some of those things than they are for others. That having been said, my most recent test indicate the following CMS systems run well on Dreamhost under PHP as CGI:

General Portal/CMS
(and many others!)

Wordpress - one click install, great program - why use anything else.

just a very abbreviated list, to give you a start, and as always, YMMV.

Good Luck!

I haven’t used it much yet but have Drupal setup here with no problems. Good dev community and very flexible, using a few certain modules you can even set it up where nobody would even know it was Drupal.

They have demos with admin access that reset to default installations every few hours on, so you are free to experiment.

So I am over the first install hurdle. Yea! Thanks for fix-it ideas.

I have a next-step newbie question: if I have only ftp privileges on my dreamhost account, how do I get my file/directory permissions set up properly? I am being told by my lovely drupal window that directories “files” and “tmp” are not writable…how do I accomplish the “chmod 755” ?

cheers! (Wouldn’t it be nice to have a system that would allow local bars all over the world to dispense beers on a sort of karma/paypal-esqe credit exchange in order to thank generous forum members far away ?)

Most windows ftp clients allow you to change file permissions. I know in Flashfxp you can right click a file or folder then choose Attributes, other clients should have a similar method.

If enabling shell access is an option for you it can come in handy.

Ok, Drupal is telling me that my “files” folder doesn’t exist. It DOES exist and is set to 755. The odd thing is that the “tmp” directory is in the same location, passes the test, and is set to 755 also.

I read the faq about “suexec” and I think I am set up properly. Should I have run ‘php as cgi’ set?

thanks in advance :slight_smile: