I am not able to edit php, but what is a easy but stable CMS to use. template needs to be able to be customised easily

Joomla! and Wordpress appear to have the most support in this forum.

CMS choice comes down to the functionality you require your site to have.

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I love Wordpress! You’ll need to use some CSS and you might have to edit some PHP files to get it fully customized (if you want to create unique category pages or any pages with unique layout), but it totally isn’t necessary to get started and have some pages online.

Definitely a great place to start if you don’t have any programming experience and just want to start publishing…

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sounds great, but i only know a little html. never used css or php. I wish I could get someone to do it for me. I work (trying) from home due to medical conditions and really want to get this done.

Both the above are point & click until you need more advanced functionality. You don’t necessarily have to learn anything about css or php to create sites with most CMS’s. That’s the main reason they’re so very popular :wink:

There are many beginners tutorials & forums for both WP and J! (Google is your friend).

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I was refering to changing the looks of Word press. I looked all over for a template but cannot find one that is going to work for me. I want to at least insert a header image and change colors

If you give the guys here an idea of what style of site you invisage creating someone may be able to list a few templates that would make a good starting point and you can alter them graphically to better suit your site’s overall look.

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I would prefer joomla out of the two of them. I want to create pages with a menu. word press does not allow that like i want.

It can, it just doesn’t appear to “out of the box” :wink:

I baulked at both when I first saw them. Wordpress looked like a solitary never-ending one page wonder and Joomla! had so much junk upon installation I actually laughed and said “What a total bloody mess” out loud.

You’ll need to read up a bit about them and take a squizz at the backend to appreciate the level of customisation that’s at your fingertips. Both are awesome CMS’s and it might pay to have a play about with both of them for a couple of days before making an airtight decision on which one you’ll stick with for your website needs.

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I have worked with both Joomla and Drupal and I am impressed with both - that’s not to say anything bad about wordpress, I just don’t know it.

Which I chose at any time depends on a number of factors:

  1. what the site is about -
  2. my current obsessions!
  3. If I’m doing something rapidly - the themes that are available

For the first, both do a good job of publishing content - I found Joomla easier to get my head around, but it could be argued that Drupal has more power in the long term. So the decision could be made around which modules are available for putting the site together quickly. Both Drupal and Joomla are richly supported by communities and there are sites dedicated to explaining the modules.

Drupal can host more than one site, each with different content and themes and even functionality, from one codebase - this makes upgrading much much easier. But if you are only running one site you don’t need this.

Drupal has some great features for social networking sites - Joomla has some great modules for specific business types - some of these are commercial but very much cheaper than you;'d expect (tens of dollars not thousands) and very much cheaper than building your own.

Can you tell us more about what your site(s) is for/about?

Local community (Where I live) portal of sorts.

Is Drupal stable enough to use for building a large site without knowing php? I know almost nothing about php and my site just fell apart on its own without me touching it (after working fine for a few weeks). I’m trying to build it for a non-profit that could really take advantage of it.

I got this error when I tried to go to my site:
open_basedir restriction in effect. I guess I may have to contact Dreamhost about this.

Would I be better off with Joomla? I wanted a lot of community features and multimedia features.

I liked the Salamander theme the best out of the Drupal themes because it had three columns, drop down menus, web 2.0 look, works with latest version, and it fills the screen.

If you know any other good themes I could use with any cms, (with lots of good features), please let me know.

Thanks for any advice you can give! I do know some css, just not php.