CMS + Shoppin Cart + Blog + etc



How to Question?

The applications that I’d like to install are:

  1. phpFormGenerator
  2. WordPress - blogging

Content Management (CMS):

  1. TYPO3

Message Boards:

  1. phpBB2

Shopping carts:

  1. CRELoaded
  2. JAM - Affiliate Marketing on Shopping Cart software

Image Galleries:

  1. Gallery

Customer Relationship:

  1. SugarCRM

Mailing List:

  1. PHPList

What should the directory structure look like, and what should be installed first? What should be installed separately on a subdomain, etc…

Please feel free to expand the question.



wow, this looks like a open source collection.

If I were you, I’ll create a sub-domain for each of the application. I’ll create different databases as well.

That will be easier for you to manage those applications. If you want to update anything for a particular application, it won’t affect others.

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