CMS? Plone?

I’m looking for a nice content management system to use so that clients can edit their own content as often as they like. Some of the features that are important are configurable event calendars, assigning users to edit certain areas and photo galleries.

I’ve looked at several and installed many but they all either have problems installing for me or don’t have all the features I’m looking for.

Any suggestions or advice is appreciated.

Also, In other places of the web, props to the fine folks at, Plone has been suggested. It looks great but is a bit larger than I think we’ll ever need. Is it even installable in a shared hosting environment?

So many possible CMS that the choices are overwhelming… CMS is really a personal thing to select…

My friend uses this CMS wrapped around a Phpbb Board ->

As an example…

I might also suggest taking a look at phpnuke ( or postnuke ( (I personally use postnuke on a few of my websites.)

They are both highly customizable in that there are many different modules, themes, and blocks available that will allow you to add functionality to your website.


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I would love to hear from anyone who has installed plone on their DH shared hosting account. I’m using pMachine and Mambo (both great in their own way) and they each installed easily. I suspect plone has some dependencies that may be over my head, but it looks nice and clean.

My personal idea about cms systems like plone, phpnuke and others is that they all look the same. The CMS i was looking for was a cms that is highly configurable to implement in a previously made layout where the cms would actually be used for Content Management rather than for community building and forum etc.
I am currently trying to get phpwcms installed which, if it will install on my dreamhost account, would be great for that.
I also checked out plone and it does look interesting indeed. I’d be glad to hear if anyone got this installed on their dreamhost account.


I have looked a bit further into this but it seems like DH does not want to install Zope, which seems necessary for the installation of Plone.
See also other this forum thread for an exaplanation why they do not install Zope: