CMS for personal site, gallery

I would like to move a site I created about ten years ago to a blog with a large gallery for archiving photos. My goal is to have a site I can easily edit/add written content with links to photos from an archive along with some videos while on the road. It currently consists of some hard coded pages for a resume, leisure travel notes and a Gallery2 installation. G2 makes up the majority of the site, holding a couple of thousand photos.

I am leaning towards Joomla or a simply WordPress, but am curious if one of the other one-clicks could offer a simpler/more efficient approach.



I have a WordPress 3.1 site that uses the WPG2 3.0.7 plugin:

For this setup, I installed WordPress into my domain, and then created a gallery folder inside that for my G2 installation. I don’t think there’s a G3 plugin yet, but G2 works great for me.

Wordpress is one of the most popular CMS available, it is used primarily by bloggers but it can still be used as a general CMS - it is available for free from And it gained its popularity for a reason - it’s a great CMS (and it’s free)! While some aspects are not perfect such as SEO, they can surely be improved by a plugin developed by their huge user base. Wordpress is very easy to install - you just edit the included config file, upload the files through FTP then run the installation wizard at your domain name. Once you’ve done those three steps you can log in and start writing content. The only difficulty within the installation is that you must rename the config file from wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php before it will install.

I installed WordPress with the One-click installer. That wasn’t bad. I’m working on aligning the G2 and WP themes now with WPG2.

Thanks for the advice!

I just wanted to chime in here. I know a lot of small businesses use WP for their CMS and I’m a small time user. However, how robust is it? How much scalability will you have in say 2-3 years when you’re at that “medium” sized niche? I’ve been looking at Drupal (just looking, sorry DH), but that one seems like it’s one of the top ones.

Any thoughts?

WordPress scales very well with cacheing, but it can demand more memory if you’re using a lot of plugins.

I ma having good experience with wordpress and have installed 3.2.1. its good for caheing if you are willing to use maximum memory used plugins.

joomla is good for such things

I’m for Team Wordpress all the way

I would say use WordPress. There are different plugins avialble with WordPress where you can easily edit/add written content with links to photos from an archive.

well, wordpress is better for this, because it has good functionality, good feature which makes website or blog valuble.

Even though I’m the in-house WP guru, I have to say “Use whatever tool feels comfortable and easy to use.”

Everything everyone suggested are great products :slight_smile: Whenever I get poked by people to help make a new site (I’m currently limiting myself to family and friends who know where I hid the bodies), the first thing I do is show them the various back ends and ask them what they want to do. Then we try doing it on a couple of those apps, to see which one they click with. After that, it’s gravy :slight_smile:

Trust your gut feeling. If you see something and your heart says that is the app for you, ignore the naysayers. If you love your tool, you’ll use it and write more and make a more awesome internet :smiley:

Coming from a designer background (yes I can code, but having done so for a living was not a pleasant existence), I actually really like the Warp framework, which provides support for Joomla, Wordpress as well as other CMSs (I personally use very stripped down, secure, PHP code of my own that I might finally move over to a public git repo at some point). Of course this may be overkill for some people, as it’s an extra layer that you can technically do without.

Hi Cootem,
I personally used WordPress and it is very easy to install. It doesn’t require coding, and is very simple to use. You can use an image editor, find the image you want to edit and click it. If you need to get detailed knowledge about WordPress then check out, that gives basic information about how to use the image library, upload media to your library and more.

I would say that Wordpress is the way to go with what you need. It’s almost the same as Joomla but I find wordpress to be a lot more user friendly for a CMS for non web design experts. It makes everything easy. For the gallery you can simply add a theme. Look at Shutter Stock theme for example. It’s a good sample of a photo/video gallery for a wordpress theme.

My current website based on WordPress. It would be probably great cms for your requirement. There are some plugins available in WordPress where you can easily edit gallery. Also you can manage photos and video.