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I’ve recently gotten into self-hosting apps, many of which are not currently available as Dreamhost one-click installs, but I’m still really new at it and need a little help installing one in particular named Cloudron. Has anyone had any success with this service and/or know where to start going about doing this? I’ve tried installing it from PuTTY on Windows but it kept telling me that I should try doing it from root, which I’m not sure how to access…

Any assistance would be great. Thank you!

What type of hosting do you have? Root access isn’t available at the shared hosting or VPS level. For root you’ll need a dedicated server or dreamcompute instance.

That’s an interesting service. It’s essentially what DH does for click-once installs, but Cloudron has current apps which (sorry) DH notoriously does not. I really wish DH would simply go through their list of click-once apps and remove anything that’s over a year old as a potential security issue if nothing else. It’s a dis-service to people to offer old software since it doesn’t have current features or fixes. Perhaps that’s the price someone pays for convenience but I think that’s like feeding a homeless person catfood - it’s perhaps as much a dis-service as a service.

Anyway, Cloudron looks interesting, but yeah, it requires root, it makes DNS changes, and it requires 1GB of RAM. You’re not going to be able to use that in DH shared space or even VPS. If you’re sophisticated enough to use DreamCompute then I dare say you’re already beyond the need for a click-once solution.

My advice: Installing software isn’t tough. Get familiar with the process. Learn. Grow. After you’ve done it a few times with different software you’ll have skills that will make it easier to do more and you’ll feel less of a need for click-once convenience tools.


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Good news, the development team is working exactly on that. Not all one-click applications are worth the effort. You’ll see soon a much nicer offering.

To respond to @:

The only way to install on DreamHost is by using DreamCompute. It’s not that complicated to get a virtual machine with latest Ubuntu and root access, especially if you use the beta cloud control panel

I haven’t had a chance to try (but I have tested which I thought I’d mention as it may be useful.) If anybody wants to write a guide on how to install on DreamHost cloud let me know and I can give you credits in exchange :slight_smile:

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I had some time to play around with Cloudron. I wrote a little #howto for it.

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Thank you so much for this @smaffulli! I’m going to look into installing it on my account once I get a little bit of time this weekend! :smiley:

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