CloudObjects Compared to Regular Storage



I guess I need a little bit more explanation as to why CloudObjects is the way to go for backups, file storage, etc. It D.O. a similar model as S3 or the like? Would my files be served up from a different location depending on where I am (like s3)?

I like the idea of DO and I am considering using it to serve up high-res photos for clients and if I can have them stored away where the client could possibly download them faster without putting extra burden on my VPS, that would be fantastic. I know I could do the same with S3 or the like but the prices are just not there for me. I like the lower price of DO which makes it much more attractive over S3.

Am I not even in the right ballpark with the purpose behind DO? Up until today, I didn’t even know it existed. I just get an email from one of the many DH robots and I’m like “oh hey, wait what?”

Thanks for the clarification. It’s greatly appreciated.


You’ve got it; DreamObjects is very similar to S3. It’s a great place to store backups, files and hi-res assets for your site since you don’t have to worry about provisioning space or running out. We don’t yet have a CDN, but hi-res photos stored on DreamObjects would definitely reduce the burden on your VPS.


I do it for my client Magento store. I uploaded all pics on the DO, but when you create a new product and upload pic, it won’t save on the DO.
But there is a extension for Magento to connect to S3 and the uploads work.
I tried using with DO, it didn’t work. I changed the file to connect to DO and still nothing.
Is there any way we can allow to create file and upload files from some domain?


What extension are you using? It should be fairly easy to search for* and replace with, but it depends how they coded their extension?

If you can link to where you got it, maybe we can take a look.


Someone from DH that told me to give a try, I know no support to 3rd party plugins, etc… you guys are the only ones that will RECOMMEND something. lol
Ok, here it is:

File Wrapper.php is the one to change on the code.
It’s there…
Changed to %s.objects.dreamhost

I write the URL:

I don’t even have to change on the base URL on Magento CONFIG.
This plugin gets all pics I uploaded to the DO and loads all js, css, etc.
But when I try to upload some pic when creating product, it will show me the URL (I check) and when I look for it on DO, it doesn’t create files or nothing…



Of course their code is behind a paywall…

[quote]I write the URL:[/quote]

I suspect that’s the problem. Try instead.


Well, I will try, but the other day it created a bucket with MYDOMAIN.COM
It even uploaded the file and it was like:
But I am not sure if it was the system or someone.
I don’t see why it needs to be /bucket and not bucket.objec…


The hostname format that you’re describing should work fine. So long as your bucket name is valid in a hostname (the Panel will warn you if it isn’t), you should be able to access a bucket called “” using the hostname “”.


Well, Magento creates on database the link for pic, trys to upload and it just doesn’t upload (I get no error).
I think the plugin created the bucket with my, but funny thing is the bucket has to be created already. And I didn’t write, just the bucket name, but when I checked, there it was on the plugin config. lol
The bucket was also created private.
I am going to try with my other website where I am actually using all my media files with the DO.